[Arm-netbook] about Risc-V and Power,

zap zapper at disroot.org
Thu Jan 2 01:59:47 GMT 2020

Isn't Risc-V supposedly  supposed to be more secure and isn't open power
based on the old risc? I am just wondering, if the level of evils risc-v
has done, justifies abandoning usage of it when you could just as easily
do some risc-v processors with or without their help and moreover,
power, doesn't it require an immense, even crazy amount of watts?
I guess my point is, they use more battery power than intel even. And
intel is bad enough.

Supposedly though I thought anyone could make risc-v processors as long
as they dont use the trademarks. 

That being said, I noticed you guys have been quiet for a while. I hope
you guys are doing well.  :)

I also hope you can reach your goal, who knows, maybe you can do twice
what you thought someday with even 1W used only while being run.

If  I am misunderstanding something, feel free to let me know, I just
think making a line of Risc-V based processor is the way. Libre of
course, but yeah... and yes I saw your update. 

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