[Arm-netbook] [Project question: EOMA68 Computing Devices] 1) battery replacements?

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Thu Apr 9 16:39:33 BST 2020

On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 4:23 PM Crowd Supply
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> andrew.comly at protonmail.com submitted a question about your project, "EOMA68
> Computing Devices":
> battery replacements?
> suppossing i buy this eOMA68 PFY Laptop Housing Kit for Computer Card along
> with the Libre Tea Computer Card and use along with my , and use it everyday
> for a few years.  Then, as other netbook/laptop/tablet/android like things the
> lithium battery dies.  Do I have to buy a new kit?  Why isn't the battery
> replacement available on https://www.crowdsupply.com/eoma68/micro-desktop?
> Where can one buy a replacement to the battery?

hi andrew,

it's a good question.  i'm extremely busy at the moment, i'm ccing you
to the list, which you can search where this was last discussed (a
long while ago) and also where people will help.  if you check the
schematics and PDFs which you can find via the website, you'll find
the battery part number and manufacturer.


you do not need my permission or for me to be the "sole location from
which that part is obtained".  *however*... the supplier *may* require
a MOQ of say QTY 100, and, as it has been a long time, may not respond
at all (particularly the way things are now, world-wide).  if you
contacted them and say "i demand QTY 1" they may just get annoyed
enough (being a wholesaler) so that *nobody* from Europe gets

in addition: the full CAD files are available.  if you get really
stuck, you can source your own battery.  that's the whole point of the
whole exercise.   and if _you_ can't do it, you can contact the
mailing list and find someone who can help you.



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