[Arm-netbook] OT: Most of China's (water) pipe made from PVC with lead mixed in!

Alexander Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Mon Oct 28 06:37:09 GMT 2019

Off Topic


oh no, most of lukes water is from pvc pipes that have lead mixed in
them :(. oh dear...

even in the uk there a fair bit of lead pvc water pipe i think it was
saying... urrgh eek...

been reading up about Nitrile rubber + Polyvinyl chloride foam on
wikipedia, used for cheap car sound damping. one link lead to another,
to pvc.... to plastic water pipe lead contamination.... bad enough old
pipes made from lead metel now with limescale internal coating unless
the wrong water is used it that gets dissolved like in flint, usa...
urrgh. would have thought they would not be stupid to repeat the same
mistake in plastic pipes!

then these the leaking from plastics and gassing... i dont i will be
buying cheap nitrile rubber + Polyvinyl chloride foam for car sound
damping, ill get the more ££ butyl rubber visco elastic polymer  if
thats any better health wise....? well audio people prefer it.

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