[Arm-netbook] TIL: Intel's credit-card sized modular computer is "inspired" by EOMA68

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Mon Mar 25 17:57:58 GMT 2019

On Wednesday 8. February 2017 01.04.35 Paul Boddie wrote:
> Still, showering the market with products isn't likely to diminish consumer
> confusion, is it? Intel's own corporate attention span is as much a threat
> to this product as almost anything else.

And as anticipated...

"It's the end of the line for Intel Compute Cards"

Informative quote:

"Spare a thought for NexDock, a partner of Intel that spent two years working 
on software to allow its NexPad computers to work with the Compute Cards, only 
for Intel to pull the hardware."

Details here:

"The Tale of NexDock and Intel Compute Card"

And there was also a cursory review almost two years ago:

"Intel Compute Card hands-on review"

It seems like people were receptive to the idea of pluggable computer cards, 
but Intel's proprietary technology was always going to threaten the viability 
of this implementation of the concept. Meanwhile, the NexDock people seem to 
be pursuing their smartphone docking campaign suggesting that USB-C will be 
the way that people might attach computer cards to their "docks" in future, 
however that might work.


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