[Arm-netbook] Fwd: [eoma68 update] report back from factory on HDMI

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Wed Jul 3 09:43:49 BST 2019

>> Again, to reiterate, because I am still seeing evidence of
>> "complaints" out there, from people who believe this should be easy:
>> these are absolutely ridiculously tiny components and tolerances, and
>> the budget on which it's being done is equally as frugal. 0.05mm on
>> the edge of a PCB.  0.2 mm wide pins, with 0.2mm clearance between
>> them.  A "normal" Single-Board Computer product from any other
>> well-funded Corporation would use large (Type A) HDMI, top-mounted,
>> with plenty of tolerances and no need for the PCB edge to be
>> accurately milled.
>> Again, to reiterate: we do not know what will need to be solved next.
>> Therefore, a production date simply cannot be provided, and that
>> really is the end of the matter.  Or, the answer is: the production
>> date is "the production time plus the unknown time to solve unknown
>> and unknowable future issues".
>> Mike is sending me the 20 "good" PCBs so that I can test them here, to
>> see if they are okay.  The staff will continue with the rest by
>> shaving the burrs on the PCB on every single one of the remaining 80
>> with an xacto-knife, before putting them through the production line.
>>   It is looking like I will need to do the testing of all 100 of this
>> preliminary production run, here, at my home, in Taiwan.
> It does sound complicated, I wish you the best on this.  My hope is 
> that you will find the correct balance and succeed Luke.
> When it ships successfully, let us all know with some big bold letters 
> email title please. :)
Actually... I just realized I didn't trim it enough, my bad. :(

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