[Arm-netbook] [OT only slightly] STEAM Camp OpenSourceEcology 22jan2020 for 9 days

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Dec 31 08:42:10 GMT 2019

apologies for the cross-list post, the topic is very likely to be of direct
or indirect interest, please do share elsewhere, however for questions
please do reach out directly to Marcin from OSE rather than crosspost

the OpenSourceEcology Project is running a hands-on real-time collaboration
and training course for 9 days that happens to have one of its camps in
Ghent, Belgium, only around an hour by train away from FOSDEM and running
up to overlap with FOSDEM only on its last 2 days, Feb 1st and 2nd, 2020.


Marcin's Ted Talk is here:

it is the beginning of a practical real-world bootstrap process for a
modern civilisation and actually uses and puts into use everything that we
love about FOSS and FOSH.

participants will get to actually *make* a 3D Printer, a CNC milling
machine, then use those to fabricate an Arduino PCB which... you get the
idea.  a battery operated welder will also be one of the hands-on projects.

Alasdair, an idea just occurred to me: can we discuss privately, they are
doing "remote" collaboration: is there room / time for OSE to book a
workshop by remote link, for two reasons: one in case FOSDEM attendees are
interested to see what is going on, but secondly, if anyone who attends
STEAM would like to keep in touch whilst attending FOSDEM? Can we discuss



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