[Arm-netbook] Dear luke, what do you think of North American PCB fabs?

David Niklas doark at mail.com
Fri Dec 13 03:09:31 GMT 2019

Hi luke,
  Today I got an email from allaboutcircuits and it was not an article
(what I subscribed for), but an advertisement for a "deal" that Advanced
Circuits (www.4pcb.com) was running. I don't have a thing to make, but
thought of you and wondered if such companies really do give good deals
and are nice to work with.
  They advertise "free" software that's not GPL so I'm unimpressed but
other prospective customers would be. The "deal" was 50% off fist and
second orders up to $250 and for businesses, up to $500 off PCB orders
with a promo-code (Of course, nothing is "free" and they'll have to make
it back somehow).

  You see, at some point in time (I'm guessing 2+ years at least), I'm
going to have to not roll my own and instead use a real PCB fab so I'm
keeping my eyes open.


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