[Arm-netbook] Logos

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 14:33:04 BST 2018

I made a concept logo a while back for EOMA, which had an E in
cloister black font to reference L. Lawliet (a symbol for Justice as
well as a detective with worldwide logistics as well as a keen eye for
anonymity and security), an O made by merging elements from the
blender logo with the eye in lulsec's troll face, an M relatively
undecided however temporarily borrowing the M from a microsoft logo,
and an A in courier font (the first public domain font I know about).
All wrapped inside a hollowed out version of Fisheye Placebo's comic
logo, which symbolized transparency/surveillance by reference to a
fisheye lens (further symbolically I placed the lulsec blender merged
O where the pupil would appear).

Shortly afterwards, I discovered that the uniforms in "the Melancholy
of Haruhi Suzumiya" all bare a mysterious m on the chest resembling
L's cloister black font.

The school has no official name I know about, so I believe the M
intended irony with story's name. Melancholy over dissatisfaction with
society having uninteresting aesthetics as well as individuals having
slow personal development appear like the two greatest most persistent
themes. The series plays with reshaping the world anew by destroying
and rebuilding, as well as how aesthetics end up created by those who
desire them often without their noticing. The story makes oblique
commentary on these themes heavily disjointing the what with the how,
by making the how always magic.

I find that, oddly appropriate for libre hardware.
Being a movement about ethics, I find aesthetics sits just behind our backs.
We desire ethics we don't notice, thereby creating those ethics with
our passion to DO as well as to complain and almost never worry about
getting copied.

L's logistics embedded L in the world.
Blender and Lulsec idealized openness to help from anyone.
Haruhi wanted a complex modular world.
Courier symbolizes a computer's role as a transport mechanism for ideas.

I imagined whatever number could also type in Courier.
I wanted to know if anyone re-thought this idea at all, as well as
feedback on the new thought about the M. Je ne sais pas quoi ~ Thank
you, in advance.


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