[Arm-netbook] Thoughts on Why Blender should Fork

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 04:49:58 BST 2018

In that case, I renew my criticism about the engine's development
direction, though albeit Blender seems somewhat embarrassed by the
decision with how they seem to mock it up as not giving up when that's
what it seems.

Dynamic media designing kits fail on the general abstraction level,
deciding when what information is useful. Godot succeeds considerably
by making specialized game logic scripting languages. These languages
are stereotyped as easy to make & easy to learn, so raising complexity
past a certain degree, triggers many anxieties about distraction from
the art of design for the one on the learning side of the coin.

Perhaps Urbit lies in that realm separating a script's complexity from
a program's complexity without incorporating any familiar elements
from projects trying to gradually close that gap rather attempting to
close that gap almost all at once. An artificial gap surely, that the
only barrier preventing closure amounts to bias.


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