[Arm-netbook] Thoughts on Why Blender should Fork

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 03:02:54 BST 2018

Correction, Blender ditching its game engine seems like misinformation I got.

Seems to actually be following the path I recommended by renaming it
interactive mode, since game logic can be useful for creating static
animations too.

That sounds exciting. Imagine playing a game and being able to
setup/program cameras where ever to capture whatever, and if an
otherwise unnoticeable area is poorly modelled or textured then you
can remodel or retexture it yourself in the same floss environment you
might if you wanted to animate in or resume playing from.

My other criticisms about the persistent toolbar and the programming
environment, I still standby. For any who might argue persistent save
button, I would argue that blender should write its state to file, to
make needing to save for any reason besides naming, obsolete.

Even otherwise, coordinating discovery learning is more important.


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