[Arm-netbook] Open-Source Streaming Service incentivizing Free Culture

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Sat Sep 1 06:03:55 BST 2018

So there are some fairly serious talks where someone wants to do this
with my help.


Discussions start with this link, where we moved to matrix from
youtube comments and I pretty heavy handedly explained why talking
about this in a private chartroom won't likely get anywhere.

Basically the idea is to implement Taler in an ethereum DAO and create
an liberapay like that, then tie that to a website integrating
whatever existing peer-to-peer networks seem practical (peer.tube and
IPFS seem like candidate).

People could pool funds, delegate votes, and the delegates could then
leverage those funds to commission free culture anime from actual
studios like Trigger (a studio already has a Patreon) and these
studios are desensitized to foreign piracy.

Of course doing so while giving these studios artistic license and
emphasizing that altruism now will support the model, support even
larger // even more obsessed fandoms (from copying, modifying, and
redistributing the art), and put your foreign audience in a position
to directly gouge them by threatening to sell the anime to a japanese
cable company and never sell the license to a foreign actor.

There are two conversations after that comment, the first is
immediately after, and the second has about 140 irrelevant messages
about anime in-between that and the first.
(tongue fully planted in cheek, with the word irrelevant :))

tl;dr I told them why it would take about 10 years to do alone, and
they still seemed to want to do it after having their heart broken.

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