[Arm-netbook] [Campaign Question] USB-C is used more and more...

Alexander Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Mon Oct 15 03:23:04 BST 2018

On 15/10/18 02:58, Christopher Havel wrote:
> Quick phone top-post, sorry Luke.
ya know, what i do is, i select all then delete by staring to write a
reply without quoting previous posts ;)

To select all, on android: "tap and hold, then tap select all button"

The android email app, K9mail has a X button near quoted text when
replying. taping the X button removes quoted msg.

Each email seams to have a id so its referenced to which email your
replying to. so ya don’t need to quote text for people to know what your
replying too because if people use the threaded email list view. they
will see which email in a thread your one was a reply too :)

Sorry if ya already knew, thought if ya or someone didn’t it might help :).

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