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Sun Oct 14 02:34:01 BST 2018

[cc'ing arm-netbooks as this question is best answered there, so that
other people benefit from it]

On Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 11:32 PM Crowd Supply <orders at crowdsupply.com> wrote:
> bonzify at airmail.cc submitted a question about your project, "Earth-friendly
> EOMA68 Computing Devices":
> USB-C is used more and more often in a day to day basis.Thunderbolt-3, HDMI
> ports and new tecnologies are frequently being used more often in the
> mainstream market. USB C can intagrate these technologies and also repace the
> charging port entirely. How come you didn't use USB C for the EOMA68?

 there is no such thing as a physical item named "an EOMA68", as it is
a standard.  the *option* to use USB-3 *is* actually on the EOMA68
standard.  USB C is NOT part of the EOMA68 standard, because it would
be inappropriate to do so.


 implementors of base boards are ENTIRELY AT LIBERTY to add a USB C
socket on the base board.


 implementors of Cards are ENTIRELY AT LIBERTY to add a USB C socket
on the user-facing end of the Card.

 the reason why USB C was not included in the EOMA68-A20 - the first
in a SERIES of Cards is: massive redesign costs would be required to
do so.  if you have around USD $20,000 spare, anywhere, i am happy to
do another SoC Card, one that uses a PMIC that supports USB-C.


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