[Arm-netbook] tricky conundrum for the upcoming libre-riscv soc crowdsupply page: image needed

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Nov 6 05:32:58 GMT 2018

On Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 5:18 AM David Niklas <doark at mail.com> wrote:

> Sorry for getting back to you so quickly. :)

 *snort* - i made up for it by completely failing to notice the admin

> As you said, it's a cat and mouse game. But I created something
> anyway.

 oooo i looove the 3D one!  can you fit "Libre" above that for me?  i
*love* the font and the whole thing, it's awesome.

> Take a photo of your face when you see it...
> It has 2 advantages. 1: Every techy knows what it is. 2: Every techy
> knows that you are going to create something similar because there is no
> way on God's green earth it's going to look identical.


> > if anyone would
> > like to convert the attached to PNG (with a variant placing a circle
> > behind the square) that would be really helpful.
> The attached *is* a png. But I'm guessing you wanted an image from gimp...
> The problem is that you never said what size you wanted it or what
> color you wanted the circle...
> So, I'm making up for that by using an svg (inkscape), and then outputting
> two little images for your viewing pleasure.
> You can use the original and blow it up to an arbitrary size.
> Or customize it.

 can you send me the svgs, i'm assuming inkscape can deal with
resizing of the primitive shapes: gimp i'd need to obviously do
pixel-level editing

> BTW: Did your daughter help draw it for you?

 yes :)

> It's a great opportunity for dady time. :)

 that was the plan :)

> > so this is the challenge: come up with a suitable place-holder image.
> See above.
> I've been wanting to tell you of the 4 people who I think are supporting
> you in an open GPU endeavor.

 nice! in what capacity?

> And I seem to remember the head of crowdsupply was interested in
> sponsoring you for something, but I may be thinking of someone else.

 he definitely wants the libre-riscv campaign to start.

> Also, and this is pertinent, the reason I was able to contribute on such
> short notice is because I was going through the political candidates and
> got done early. You see, one of the guys running for CFO (Chief Financial
> Officer), of FL is named Patronis.

> "We currently have a bunch of 70 year olds running the system
> and I am being advertised to by this vendor and that vendor and I'm
> thinking that we will have to buy their labor force from outside the
> state to run the new system!" Shock!

 what's *wrong* with politicians these days?? they're supposed to be... be... :)

 that's actually really sensible, to put it in terms of labour market impact.

> And, "The way to combat corruption is transparency. This is 2018! We have
> the technology, we just have to flick the switch."
> I think I passed out after hearing this level of intelligence from a
> politician.

 good god :)

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