[Arm-netbook] tricky conundrum for the upcoming libre-riscv soc crowdsupply page: image needed

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Tue Nov 6 05:01:35 GMT 2018

Op za 3 nov. 2018 00:19 schreef Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net:

> ok so to start the new campaign, an image is needed. not a logo, an
> *image*.  something that "represents" a chip and its potential uses
> and usefulness in a real and concrete way.
> the problem is: this is a fabless semi-conductor design... there *is*
> no chip, there *is* nothing to put out there, and because it's just
> one component that goes *into* products, there *is* no frickin product
> either!  a confusing jumbled utterly boring montage of hypothetical
> products would be needed.
> even more of a conundrum: even putting up a picture of some BGA or QFP
> packaging isn't ok either, because depending on the final pincount,
> *AND* on large customer orders, the chip will be *custom packaged* and
> tailored to their needs (i.e. the same die will have far more
> interfaces added than there are actual pins, and the die re-packaged
> to suit the customer's needs, leaving many of the pads disconnected
> internally or connected internally to other dies).

How about a (rendered) picture of all/most package types. With libre-riscv
+ package types as print on each

With a (blurry) zoomed in schematic of a design with logic gates


but then bigger?

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