[Arm-netbook] Open source Allwinner R40 circuit diagrams

joem research at enemygadgets.com
Sun May 13 13:38:07 BST 2018

> SK Hynix H5TQ4G83AFR = 512M x 8 
> 27 RMB that means EIGHTEEN dollars just in RAM ICs.   that's if you
> can get hold of them.

RAM continues to be a problem to source. 

KiCAD version of R40 server board on a go slow pace at the moment -
(Some errors have left the power lines crossed in multiple places.) 
Also can't seem to raise Allwinner (no replies). Probably manage without
tech support for now. 

In the mean time, been doing other KiCAD boards. 
A blue pill (ST clone of Atmega Arduino) - 

There is some infographic here about how to make intelligent Lithium
battery packs for autonomous systems -

And some info here about R40 boards for modularized AI + vision
recognition and getting it to do some work with Arduino to do basic IoT
work with it -

All the other open source boards (or soon to be)


Twitter - https://twitter.com/HelloHypercube

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