[Arm-netbook] Testing: GPIO

Richard Wilbur richard.wilbur at gmail.com
Fri May 11 22:27:31 BST 2018

First, in adding the link to the sunxi wiki page documenting GPIO access on
Allwinner chips[1] to the rhombus-tech.net "Testing" wiki page[2], I again
triggered the "An error occurred while writing CGI reply" page delivered at
URL:  http://rhombus-tech.net/cgi-bin/rhombus/ikiwiki.cgi

I clicked the "Save" button after editting the ikiwiki code and just waited
for it to return.

Second, the linux-sunxi wiki page refers to the interaction with the GPIO
driver differently depending on whether using linux-mainline or sunxi-3.4
kernel.  If memory serves it seems you mentioned we plan to ship the cards
with sunxi-3.4 until we get several drivers into linux-mainline, is that so?



[1]  https://linux-sunxi.org/GPIO
[2]  http://rhombus-tech.net/allwinner_a10/testing/

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