[Arm-netbook] Urgent statement on Cryptocurrency ethics

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On 03/21/2018 11:03 AM, zap wrote:
> I think it is safe to say that cryptocurrencies aren't very
> feasible right now.
> My thoughts are: Liberapay is a good idea,
> I don't know if anything else is anywhere near as good.

Liberapay is good, though I'm afraid their funding model isn't
sustainable in the long term.

The development costs are probably mostly upfront, but there are the
ongoing server costs, and much more significantly, the costs of dealing
with disputes, fraud, etc.  I think the disputes should be fairly
minimal given the nature of their transactions, but they are sure to
come up, and it will take manpower to deal with them.

In the interests of their long term sustainability, I would like to see
them figure out what they need to deal with that, and charge it.
Probably somewhere around 1-3% from what I gather.  It would be good to
let the donor choose whether to pay it on top, or give a set amount and
take it out of what the recipient gets.

I really like their design of figuring out their costs for getting
money in/out of Liberapay, and charging that when those transactions
occur, so people know where their money is going.


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