[Arm-netbook] Why Crytek certainly regrets releasing their source code..

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 00:25:20 BST 2018

In the coming reality where only ventures to extend hardware's
usefulness support software development, programmers mostly fulfill
roles as "hired guns" like accountants in the days of yester-era so
then, seeking to join with Amazon and Microsoft and Google et cet in
tasting their SaaSS intoxicated open source future, probably for a
first in games history distributed macro-economically invested source
code under a mutual promise not to sue license and without NDA. This
means from the beginning, there was never any enforceable restriction
not to reveal the source code. They marketed their support as hired
guns, and sold their code to amazon to release as open source which
amazon then co-opt'ed into their SaaSS fetish and initiated a complete
rebranding effort unwittingly betraying Crytek. The games company
which originally tipped the spear of Crytek's marketing themselves as
hired guns, now also betrayed them by embracing amazon's rebranding
effort. Crytek dreamed a future where they could customize free as in
freedom software to suit whims specified by whatever company offered
enough fiat to purchase the respected "hired guns": Crytek. Feeling
the bitterness of betrayal they commence an inactionable lawsuit
against who supported them the most and where the betrayal stings the
most: their hope and their demise, their intimate friend Star Citizen.


Obviously, this is a mixture of known fact and tongue-and-cheek
inferences, which could be true. In case your not well 'versed' on
what's happening, all facts mixed in the muddle authoritative sources
should be trace-able through these links:


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