[Arm-netbook] HDMI Player Stick as DRM-free Merch Alternative

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Jul 26 20:36:58 BST 2018

> If all someone has to do to donate to an artist, is scan an extra QR
> code at checkout or ask to have their cash converted to cryptocurrency

So, IIUC you're suggesting the QR to be a (hopefully reliable) way to
find the author so as to be able to give him money?

I can see why that would be nice, but I don't understand what the
cryptography is about (i.e. how will it increase the trustworthiness of
the QR)?

How would you detect that someone took that video, removed the author's
(cryptographic) signature, and put his own (cryptographic) signature
on it?  Signatures are not useful for that.  You'd need something more
like "watermarks", but here again the benefit is likely much smaller
than the harm.

Better just slap a URL/QR inside the video as part of the
opening/closing credits.

Also instead of watermarks you could try and develop a kind of
registration/certification body, so when the end-user wants to donate to
A for the movie M, the donation site could warn the user
"hmm... according to <foo>, movie M was not directed by A but by B, do
you still want to donate to A?"


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