[Arm-netbook] Nokia's heavy reliance to Intel might make them to fail once again

Wean Irdeh wean.irdeh at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 05:18:15 BST 2018


>  ohnoo... if it was just nokia, that would be kinda-ok, but
> alcatel-lucent do france / european phones, have done for a long time.
> alcatel are one of the few companies that honour the GPL by releasing
> source code, even against mediatek's blatant GPL violations and NDAs.
> l

Alcatel-Lucent formed a joint venture with TCL, a Chinese company to
produce phone in 2004, but TCL acquired the joint venture in 2005

"honour the GPL"
I assume you mean the Linux kernel used on Android, which mean the source
code were released by TCL without any involvement from Alcatel-Lucent
(since the joint venture dissolved on 2005)

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