[Arm-netbook] Alt Webpage & Logo Combo

Alexander Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Wed Jan 31 17:46:37 GMT 2018

more of alt homepage but felt like calling it generic webpage instead.

its a start, lots to do. using a designed i started for something else
so its has ref to a background image that  dont exist, etc. css needs
more work but its taking the beginnings of a shape :)

I combined to logos people made and also made some little mods of my
own. i feel quite happy with the outcome :) feedback good to hear, what
ya would like to do , how ya feel..

should really put efforts into modding wiki page... but this fresh start
would have a diff outcome than fitting around existing wiki design...
but yea i think i should face up to having ago at wiki css... just dont
feel like it currently... so i thought i’d see how this goes. idk if ill
manage to do any more... i guess ill see if i get inspired some more and
rev up to it :)

I would really like some/to get more photos of the cards and housings
to play about making some pics that help people to go "arr i get it". As
they browse and scroll down :)

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