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Mon Jan 29 02:01:52 GMT 2018

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On 01/28/2018 06:49 AM, zap wrote:
> lkcl wrote:
>> Tor wrote:
>>> Should a crowdfunding, all or nothing, be considered to gauge 
>>> how much people care about the difference in RAM?
>> it could... if someone else is prepared to take responsibility
>> for it. i'll be absolutely honest: i'm getting tired of handling
>> this stuff on my own.
> Yes, understandable. Would chris from thinkpenguin have time not to 
> be arrogant or anything, if he has no time or has done enough 
> already, then maybe someone else? I don't know...? Hopefully
> someone trustworthy.

I suspect this means "someone following the list".  Sorry, but that
won't be me.  I'll contribute, I've got way too much online promotion
that I should be doing but aren't because I don't like doing that in
the first place.

For now, it sounds like it's a case of waiting to see where things are
after the latest prototypes come in.

FWIW, I agree with what Adam said.  Get this one out and delivered with
what can be managed so it can be seen in the real world.  Then stop
putting effort into these near-EOL components and get to the next,
better card.

Thank you for all the effort you've poured into this project, Luke.


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