[Arm-netbook] Libre RISC-V SoC

Christopher Havel laserhawk64 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 01:48:13 GMT 2018

I have a thin client with a 366MHz AMD Geode. YouTube anything (even @
240p) almost literally sets it on fire, even with an extremely lightweight
Linux distro on it. It doesn't so much skip frames as it does entire 10+sec
chunks... and that's with 512MB RAM. I can put a gig in there, sort of...
system has a low-level timing issue, I found out from an insider guy --
there is ONE make and model of 1gb PC2700 out there that will work. It's an
APacer brand stick and it's absolutely hen's teeth because I've never found
it. I've been looking for multiple years now...

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