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Tue Jan 23 21:21:41 GMT 2018

> Pičugins Arsenijs<crimier at yandex.ru> 

Thank you for your email.

> computer card or a RK3399 mainboard

If the pc card gets shipped, then I got one.

I want to frame this enterprise a bit more.
It must be a hobby thing. You are not obliged
to anything and you can skip any time you
want. I will not hold it against you. One
reason why I will not put large money
into it. That way it is not a big deal if 
we do not succeed.
We should do without time frames.
Shipping the pc card appears to lay
months ahead.

> would you be interested in a videocall
> of some sorts?

On forums I prefer to stay anonymous.
If things turn ugly I can walk away.
If required can we get by using an
irc or another messenger?

> drawing the PCB, I can show you 
> the basics of KiCad

For preparation, maybe you could 
state some links I should have a 
look on?

I should mention I have a solder
iron and a multimeter.

About my comments on the devices
I wanted to express that I prefer less
complicated solutions. I was not
telling you what solution to 

>  important to remember that we'll
> eventually need battery power,
> and plan it in from the beginning


The asus eee pc 4g's keyboard is
model v072462ak1 revision
1.0 gr. The ribbon has 28
wires and the ribbon is 28mm
On ebay I have found this ribbon 
Should I get one?

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