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> BTW -- not *everything* is nearly as complex as Luke would have you
> believe.

If I ask about how to build a libre software mainboard into
the cabinet of a common notebook, lkcl gets rather
hectic on rebuffing such option. Some of his
arguments I accept. Others I do not.
One lkcl argument is, I should not spend thousands of usd
on making an attempt with an uncertain outcome.
I agree on that. For now I have spent 50usd on getting
an asus 7inch eeepc. I like the size of it. It has a full
keyboard. It is bulky. Therefore more likely to have space
for building in another mainboard.
Lkcl says, should I succeed in building one, only I would
benefit. I disagree. I would tell others how to make a
similar computer, should they want to.
Then lkcl has this argument about reverse 
engineering a lot of computer devices. I do
not understand it. Apart from the display all devices
should be usb. Sound, touchpad, keyboard, ethernet,
wifi, storage. Display should be hdmi. Rather I believe
getting a battery and powersupply solution would be
I would also like to make a libre software computer
looking like the pocketchip.
I have bought this generic 6usd keyboard.
I do not like the feel of the keys. Apart from that it is adequate
sized. The keyboard does not work via usb wire. It would
require the keyboard to get modified.

> Keyboards are invariably a passive switch matrix (look it up if you don't
> know

About the asus eeepc's keyboard.
I have. I am not clever enough. Lowpriced on ebay I found
an ATMEGA328P-PU Microcontrolle‚Äčr.
A GPIO kit Extension Board Adapter Breadboard.
A flat cable Ribbon connector socket 30pin 1.0mm Pitch.
Apparently using a raspberry pi, you should be able to program
the microcontroller.
How to make the keyboard's matrix, I do not know.

> Touchpads are almost always either USB or PS/2

What I have been told.

> It's the screen and battery interfaces that are going to get you

This rk3399 mainboard
has a hdmi port. What should be the difficulty in connecting
the mainboard to a hdmi display?


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