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>>  sure... i will however need sponsorship to cover the cost in time and
> My phrasing was unclear.
> My question was not about an eoma pc card. For sale are rk3399
> mainboards. I wanted to know if you could take one of them
> and put it into a common notebook cabinet and get the
> computer to work, assuming you are able to get the computer's
> devices connected.


 it is a vast amount of work.  the LCD has to be researched (if its
datasheet is even available).  a conversion circuit has to be designed
and manufactuered.... and before that it is necesssary to work out if
there is room for it.

 the keyboard hsa to be reverse-engineered

 the trackpad has to be reverse-engineered

 the connectors have to be researched (heights, sizes), PCB heights
measured.... or you have to cut holes in the casework to get the PCB
to fit.

 the battery has to be researched and reverse-engineered, paying
attention to safety as you could set fire to it if you get it wrong.

 it is a MASSIVE amount of work, at the end of which you generally
conclude, "what the f*** did i waste my life doing THAT for???"
because all you have done is make ONE machine.... that took you hours
to take apart (google "Bloom Laptop") because it was designed for
ASSEMBLY *not* for REPAIR or DISassembly.


 re-using or converting existing designs is a total waste of time and resources.


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