[Arm-netbook] Software as a Community Service

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 23:34:21 GMT 2018

In an ideal global community, there would be distributed to every
language-bearing living being a modicum of electronic networking and
information rendering hardware. That isn't going to be any day soon. I
identify with arguments against SaaS,---and posed them to Urbit's
bugtracker in issue 911---however software as a community service,
without any potential for personal or collective gain that couldn't
achieved by any kek of equal mind without prior reputation or special
location, will include people who cannot effectively have compiled or
rendered on their own. I would like to hear the arguments against
ubuntu's launchpad buildbots specifically, because, if there are none
specific to that case, I contend that every major libre project should
host a ppa on launchpad to include the people of Africa and the Orient
with limited devices not to mention youths of the world with limited
support from their living communities stuck in highly restrictive
computing environments lacking digital sovereignty over a physical

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