[Arm-netbook] pyra computer

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 11:39:25 GMT 2018

> Let there be two "levels" of EOMA68. "EOMA68" by itself can be construed
> from now on to mean "compatible with the standard in some reasonable way".
> Then, /with a separate and distinct but visually similar/ logo - "EOMA68
> Certified", which is exactly that.

That doesn't get around the internationalization problem.

If someone doesn't speak english and they are reading an english
label, not seeing the word certified anywhere but in fact seeing the
word EOMA68, then they might falsely assume the device is certified.

> [void all warrantees]
> if an EOMA68-Certified device is connected to an EOMA68 non-certified
> device. That's rude as heck, IMNSHO, but it does the job.

Luke, wouldn't and again "can't" do that.
Luke is the guardian of a standard and a consultant for ThinkPenguin,
helping them develop their card and documenting everything possible.

I mean Luke could advise ThinkPenguin to do that, but it's kinda
ridiculous and doesn't fix the internationalization problem. When we
talk about someone following these instructions, we're talking about a
sleezy electronics repair shop owner in China. When we talk about
someone dieing, we are talking about that shop owner's customer who
bought a pyra computer after getting shown an instructables page in
english (which they can't read), and being pointed to the word EOMA68.

This is a very realistic and also very real scenario that happens
everyday all over the world.

This is why China Geo-blocks the rest of the world.

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