[Arm-netbook] So this just popped up on Hackaday.

Alexander Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Fri Aug 31 02:57:52 BST 2018

looks like typical non-free wifi/bt firmware
Realtek RTL8723BS WiFi with BT SDIO

idk about if they used the free uboot  or allwinner non-free old stuff.

shame, £77 is cheap :)
no fan (=efficiently) unlike my 201* old netbook :)

mail gpu though so basic 2d graphics for foreseeable future i think? video?

I would prefer to wait for that eoma68 laptop :D that and a have a gpd
pocket gen1 that does what i need.

planning of using eoma68 latop with breakout card for a when i want a
big screen with gpd pocket. assuming its still working by then... not
too sure how long this gpd pocket is going to last.... screen is having
a jazzy side to side flicker. reseated the lcd cable.... seamed to have
helped... need to upgrade ubuntu to current version... but i think its a
hw problem. didn’t do it before. after fiddling with cpu cooling... i

upgraded cpu heat paste + copper spacer + added thermal padding to case
bottom to help power IC and cpu.
hmm hopping for the best.

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