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> If anyone disagrees with the fundamental perception of reality,

> * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Languages_of_Pao#Plot_summary
> * Thoughts aren't made strictly possible by linguistic relativity,


 i illustrate this example with one from Neal Stephenson's
"Cryptonomicon" in which one of the characters is described as a "drug
addict" (noun).  no longer a human being (noun), a (noun) drug addict.

 in german an adverb would be used.  "Ah, you are morphine hyphen
seeky?" would be the literal translation.  as in, "you are a human
being, with a BEHAVIOURAL QUALIFIER that tends to convey on you a
propensity to seek out morphine?"

 absolutely huge, huge difference.

 another example is sanskrit, "Thank God I am alive HYPHEN childed"
taking a NOUN (child), turning it into an ADVERB (child-ed), and using
it as a german-style qualifier of a VERB.

 which is incredibly powerful.

 it says:

 "thank god i am alive"
 "thank god my children are alive"
 "thank god i am alive at the same simultaneous time as my children
happen to be alive (focus on the relief of the simultaneity)"
 "thank GOD (focus on celebration) at the same simultaneous time as my
children happen to be alive"

there were several more subtle implications when i examined this 20
years ago, most of which i've forgotten.

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