[Arm-netbook] Open source Allwinner R40 circuit diagrams

joem research at enemygadgets.com
Mon Apr 16 19:32:49 BST 2018

> is ir 4x DDR3 x8? those are getting stupidly hard to get hold of
> however i found a company in taiwan that can make some.

SK Hynix H5TQ4G83AFR = 512M x 8 

I think this week layout finish and I send it off to be made. 
If the RAM cannot be sourced, then get it laid out with 
new RAM in 'no time' because there is KiCAD drawings available. 
All these improvements to KiCAD has made it thunderingly fast. 
A lot of the work actually got done in text editor 
and spread sheet csv files believe it or not ;) 
That is because the entire data is in text files instead of binary

I want to add a $1 STduino chip to gain control of the server 
at pre-boot stage and post-boot so when it goes into an array, 
I can talk to the board through RS232 link to the stduino to 
tell it to reboot the board, or shut it down in a server array without 
adding any more complexity to the board. 
I might do that before sending it off to get it made. 
Adds 1 to 2 days delay because I got all that in KiCAD already :)

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