[Arm-netbook] Hack GPD Pocket Into EOMA68 Computer?

Alexander Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Tue Oct 17 02:43:12 BST 2017

Looking at the tear down:

I can’t help myself from wondering how hard would it be to mod it into a
eoma68 handheld computer?

not many port holes to line upto. lcd ? lvds?

i guess the inner base is mostly flat. to make a mod easier i was
thinking one could use the lipo cell space for pcb instead and have a
replacement back panel or 3d printed case width extender which the base
lid goes on top of? kinda like this case extension for the openmoko
phones [1].

To make extra room for new typical lipo or standard 18650 cells battery
and some extra goodies :). Like usb ports for more storage, gps, mob
modem, usb audio DAC choice or just a really big usb hub for Do What Ya

Maybe 3dprinted case extension or replacement back panel even would help
with getting better wifi reception? put the anteriors in the plastic edging?




pics are from the end of this presentation slides:

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