[Arm-netbook] Cost of pre-production prototypes?

Jonathan Frederickson silverskullpsu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 03:10:32 BST 2017

>  if it's ok with you the priority will be on people with linux kernel
> / u-boot (etc.) experience

Understandable, that seems to be what you need the most at this point.

>  well, "sysadmin" to me says "clearly capable of trusting and
> following written instructions to the letter" which surprisingly, from
> my brother's experience as a teacher, is a rare skill: he found that
> many of the kids just totally locked up and froze, and were literally
> incapable of following step-by-step written instructions, even when
> verbally prompted as to what to do.

Previous to my current position I worked in Linux customer support,
so... I'm unfortunately quite familiar with that behavior. :)
Sometimes it's a result of making hidden assumptions in the
instructions though, when you have enough experience with something
you'll make mental leaps that someone without exposure to the material
might not.

> they don't... but i have some casework sets.  the primary thing to
> make absolutely sure when putting them on is: (a) get the plastic part
> on the right way up (as it tells the PCMCIA socket which pin is which)
> and (b) make absolutely sure that there's yellow insulating stickers
> on the inside, and that they're not damaged in any way.  also bear in
> mind they're hell to take off again...but that you really shouldn't
> need to.

Sounds good to me - if you can find more people with kernel/u-boot
experience they can jump ahead of me, but let me know if the
prototypes aren't all accounted for and I'm in for one.

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