[Arm-netbook] Technoethical - a good-looking seller of HW with Libre SW & firmware (Technoethical holds RYF certification)

dumblob dumblob at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 10:25:17 BST 2017

Hi Kyle,

> Looking at the laptops, they're all refurbished Thinkpads with Intel inside.
> I would perform a libre installation on such hardware if someone already
> owned it, but I would certainly never consider selling it as anything close
> to libre hardware. It has been said that the software makes all the
> difference, but Intel ucode really is a thing, and the stuff they have
> hidden in their CPU's for years makes libre software pretty much moot.

Correct. I should have used the official term "libre-friendly" instead
of "libre".


-- Jan

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