[Arm-netbook] A20 deadline

John Luke Gibson eaterjolly at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 03:52:02 GMT 2017

I think you read this:

>well, thanks to some questioning last month we worked out a way to
>increase (negotiate) power up to 10W, and i am working on a proposal /
>concept to get an 8-core 64-bit RISC-V SoC produced.

And, didn't read this thread: RK3288 PCB first prototype assembled.

I hate to add, because it seems Luke was sufficiently crass, but I'd
like to explain why it was justified and appropriate, even if it comes
off as insult to injury, it is only meant to explain so truly harmful
stress can be avoided in the future.

When you are communicating on this mailing-list, you are not
contacting customer support and you are not engaging with a
corporation, a corporate entity, or any type of public relations

When/If you backed this project you did not back any person or
organization. We are the organization, you included even if you are
the metaphorical equivalent to a lazy employee just like I am [at
least, I admit it]. By messaging on this mailing-list, you are not
messaging to this organization, but-rather as a part of it, because
this is an internal communication channel where we [this organization]
are collaborating the planning and design of our thing.

Luke, being the one whom holds the funds we have gathered to build our
things, is simply a very pro-active member of this organization that
has existed long before this campaign has, whom has become a trusted
agent of this organization with the sole purpose of performing our
grande finale in this epic. Once that role is complete Luke will
ultimately return to being like the rest of us until the certification
mark is registered, that is to say hopefully if it is successfully

We owe a lot to Luke, being the still unconventional and still
unfortunately somewhat amorphous segment of the Linux community
dedicated to hardware that we are, [and, that is the only definition
for organization I will provide here] Luke certainly seems on the path
to fulfilling such prerequisites as would complete the mandate of such
temporal authority, and perhaps deserving it, as only history can

This organization will still exist even after this grande finale which
now should seem as ever impending as it ever has been, and as such it
is only natural that we talk about the hereafter of this whole
project. Luke, making mention of a proposal to build a RISC-V SoC was
not supposed as recommendation for this project as even a "Lazy
Employee" such as yourself [please excuse the metaphor] can obviously
see that wouldn't work.

There are still many more epics to be written after this one, and,
with the temporal authority supposed to be placed in Luke's hands
shortly hereafter [re-read that until you get the pun and can laugh,
because you won't understand the sentence until you get the pun; it
happens with the word suppose], I can trust that it will be a great
one with great OpenCores.

Yes, Luke must be accountable being trusted with these funds that the
fellow is, but this type of questioning now is an insult because we
are supposed to be doing this for ourselves. Luke's deadline is soon,
but we, being that we are doing this project for ourselves, have no
deadline especially being that the sooner we rush this the less work
and the more likely to fail we are. The deadline here is partly on us
to help Luke build these boards the best we can remotely, and, if Luke
were to fail to create a board soon after we develop a promising
prototype, then we question Luke and hold accountable thereof. That
very clearly hasn't happened and, in fact, the opposite has very
clearly happened and, if Luke, in celebration of completing part of
the trust we had in him, sings song of the next epic we shall write
and you question it in this way that you have, you are not only
insulting Luke severely, you are identifying yourself very opaquely as
the colloquial "Lazy Employee".

Please pay attention.

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