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Op 8 feb. 2017 16:11 schreef "Julie Marchant" <onpon4 at riseup.net>:

On 02/08/2017 09:46 AM, mike.valk at gmail.com wrote:
> NAND wear is probably more linked to age than number of writes.

No, NAND is flash memory, it has a definite limit on the number of times
it can be written to (in each sector, that is). It doesn't matter how
old flash memory is, if you reach its write limit, it's useless.

All flash memory is like this, including most SSDs. The only variation
is what the limit is and what the firmware does to compensate. So one
might take more writes than another, but regardless, every write
*necessarily* brings it closer to the end of its life.


That's debatable:

Julie Marchant

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