[Arm-netbook] TIL: Intel's credit-card sized modular computer is "inspired" by EOMA68

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Wed Feb 8 02:36:49 GMT 2017

It almost looks as if they don't have money to throw at everything any more. I'll bet they're tightening the strings in anticipation of AMD's comeback.
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On Thursday 2. February 2017 00.00.01 Ralf-Peter Rohbeck via arm-netbook wrote:> Just saw this on Reddit:> https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxhardware/comments/5rhuig/til_intels_creditcard_sized_modular_computer_is/I've been fed adverts for it now, leading to this product page at Mouser:http://www.mouser.co.uk/new/Intel/intel-joule/Pricing starts at around £150 per unit.I see this as Intel gradually moving back towards what they know. Their embedded boards don't really seem to have been widely picked up, at least in the hacker/hobbyist mainstream (although maybe the Arduino 101 really has sold well), and what started with a higher-end Arduino competitor employing a Pentium-class CPU (Quark) became a 500MHz Atom-based product (second generation Edison) that has now led to this 1.5GHz Atom-based board (Joule).Paul
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