[Arm-netbook] TIL: Intel's credit-card sized modular computer is "inspired" by EOMA68

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Tue Feb 7 23:22:33 GMT 2017

On Thursday 2. February 2017 00.00.01 Ralf-Peter Rohbeck via arm-netbook 
> Just saw this on Reddit:

I've been fed adverts for it now, leading to this product page at Mouser:


Pricing starts at around £150 per unit.

I see this as Intel gradually moving back towards what they know. Their 
embedded boards don't really seem to have been widely picked up, at least in 
the hacker/hobbyist mainstream (although maybe the Arduino 101 really has sold 
well), and what started with a higher-end Arduino competitor employing a 
Pentium-class CPU (Quark) became a 500MHz Atom-based product (second 
generation Edison) that has now led to this 1.5GHz Atom-based board (Joule).


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