[Arm-netbook] EOMA68 / Libre RISC-V team financing

Ricardo Wurmus rekado at elephly.net
Sun Dec 31 10:06:18 GMT 2017

Hi Luke,

Julie Marchant <onpon4 at riseup.net> writes:

> You know what's unethical? Mining Bitcoin. Because as has already been
> mentioned, mining Bitcoin uses a *ton* of energy, and it doesn't
> actually produce anything in the end. Isn't one of the main features of
> EOMA68 being environmentally responsible? Well, using Bitcoin mining
> (through a scheme like this, no less) to fund something that is supposed
> to be environmentally responsible is the height of hypocrisy. (And yes,
> it would be funding EOMA68, regardless of whatever kind of weaseling you
> might do to say it isn't. If you depend on it to work on EOMA68, it's
> funding EOMA68.)
> Just one question: is canceling support for the CrowdSupply campaign an
> option if you go through with this?

I’m quoting this, because I very much agree with Julie and others who
oppose Bitcoin.

Whatever perceived advantages Bitcoin may seem to provide, I oppose it
for a number of reasons, and I’d be very unhappy and disappointed if you
went along with this plan.

(There’s no need to insult us by insisting that we simply don’t get the
advantages of Bitcoin.)


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