[Arm-netbook] EOMA68 / Libre RISC-V team financing

Wes Frazier wes.frazier at members.fsf.org
Thu Dec 28 23:04:19 GMT 2017

On 12/28/17 15:07, Mike Henry wrote:
> I know you are in a desperate situation with lots of pressure, but if it sounds too good
> to be true it probably is.

I mostly just lurk on this mailing list, im a backer on the crowdsupply 
campaign. I am not an expert on bitcoin or any concurrency. I just 
wanted to chime in and assert I would be happy to back another 
crowdfunding campaign for additional funds to see this project succeed, 
and would feel better about such a thing over this bitcoin mlm based plan.

- Wes

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