[Arm-netbook] HDMI High-Frequency Layout: Recommendations--Taper

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sat Dec 23 10:55:53 GMT 2017


ok next one :)

i updated the links, http://hands.com/~lkcl/eoma/a20/275_hdmi/ 6 layer
screenshots this time

main thing is, i thiiink... there's a way for EMI to escape through
the holes in layer 5 (under ESD) on the east end, into the west end of
the layer 4 hole (under connector), what do you think?

also you can see, at points in the video (i'll go over it myself when
doing changes), i have to adapt the shape on layer... 6 to match the
(new, 15mil) clearance between HDMI tracks and GND, i'll do that...


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