[Arm-netbook] FOSDEM 2018, Stand / Talks / BoFs - ssistance / volunteers needed

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Dec 3 19:09:23 GMT 2017

ok so thank you to wim for prompting me about FOSDEM 2018, i've
applied for a stand there and also put in 3 talks in the "hardware

now, here's the thing: taking 50kg of equipment to Shenzhen Maker
Faire was... well... it wasn't fun.  the actual faire, fine, but
decanting that much equipment FORTY TIMES on international plane
flights, taxis, buses, trains and walking around 3km in total,
definitely wasn't.

so a heads-up: this time i'll be bringing around 30kg on a 10,000km
*international* overnight flight: if i'm going to FOSDEM 2018 i will
definitely, definitely need some assistance getting to and from
brussels airport to the hostel, and from there to the university.

also, if anyone is already attending or is planning to attend, i'll
need help covering the stand.  last time another person named wim
helped out, which was amazing of him, he just happened to be the
person at the stand next door :)

_also_.... what would really make it worth-while would be, if anyone's
interested, to do a BoF: discuss and plan what needs to be done and so

any thoughts and assistance appreciated.


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