[Arm-netbook] Conflict-free minerals

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 01:08:25 BST 2017

I just thought I'd make a poke about this.

Been a bit busy lately to contribute to the liberating chip or the
standards thread, but will be getting back on those soon.

No one has really mentioned conflict-free minerals, or does so often
in the libre community.
It's kinda like adding just one other complication to an already
mess-y problem, but I'm interested to know more about the details and
problems involved with paying attention to the actual mineral

I can imagine many OEM's don't publish or even pay attention to where
they get minerals from, so I imagine the potential parts list dwindles
beyond reason at simply limiting one's self to OEM's that at least
list their mineral sources, much less then actually trying to them
limit it based on the fairly subjective "conflict-free" qualification.

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