[Arm-netbook] Init Freedom

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Tue Aug 8 21:12:44 BST 2017

>  because you've thought it through or yourself, weighed the balance of
> factors *you* are comfortable with, and come to your own conclusion.
> which may or may not happen to be the same.
>  i'm comfortable with a parallel-factors "fuzzy" approach to
> decision-making: it's part of reverse-engineering to consider factors
> that you really genuinely have no clue on, really, as to whether
> they're black-and-white "true" or not.  but when you take 5, 10, 20,
> 50 or even more such "no-clue" samples and they *all* agree, that's as
> good an indication that the hypothesis is statistically valid as any.
>  and it can be a lot faster and a lot less hassle.
>  *but*...
>  you try to explain this approach to people... dang it can get ugly
> *real* fast.  the usual sign of trouble is when people ask the
> question "Give Me One Good Reason".  with the analysis approach that i
> take on "nebulous" topics, to give ONE reason is not only flat-out
> impossible, it's completely and utterly misleading to do so.  the
> multi-factor signs - the entire package - *is* the "reason"... but
> that is not something that many people can cope with.  they consider
> the entire approach to be deeply flawed... because there is no
> "rational" single factor that says black and white yes or no.
> l.
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My bad,I was just trying to say that we should trust your 20+ years of
experience, considering your ethical standards in general, I thought
this was a good analysis.

I see part of your point though, there are a lot more reasons... Linus
at one point after all said systemd's design scope was insanely complex. 

So yes, I did read up a bit on it a while ago. Should I have mentioned
that? probably... but oh well too late now.

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