[Arm-netbook] The R/Evolution... will not be Televised

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Fri Apr 21 10:14:03 BST 2017


The R/Evolution will not be televised,
NDA/d or incentivized.

The R/Evolution will not be patented,
DRM'd or proprietized.

There will be no binary blobs to spy on you,
no nagware to pry your money from you,
or a rootkit to pre-fit,
like the BMG baloney
that harmed the modern Army:
CDs played in secret bases:
Classified files sent to Sony.

The R/Evolution will not be televised:
The R/Evolution will not be televised.
Your freedom from reasons you don't know
or even care about, exchanged for convenience
or profit or meta-data or the contents of
your pocket, stolen without your knowledge
but you signed your rights away with a
Hobson's Choice.

Without the R/Evolution
There will be no V for Vendetta,
You'll be staring at a beretta
for sharing files that much better
than the RIAA or the Mafia
ever did.

Your friends will not know
about the Internet Ghetto
because they're in it already:
when you're joined by so many
you can't call it Net Neutrality
if you agreed to the FCC's perfidity
by funding the only Telco Monopoly
that's in your vicinity.

No my friends: The R/Evolution will not
be televised because the Internet's
incentivised, controlled and illegalised:
Tim Cook's words "we did it to ourselves"
ringing in our ears like bells,
our defense shouted out
as your health insurance climbs
or your're airport flight denied
because the DNA of someone whose name rhymes
with yours was a "perfect match"

The R/Evolution will not be televised,
because nobody will own a television.
They'll be staring at a smartphone
that they think they own
sitting next to half a dozen people in
a restaurant, all silent, only laughing
out loud because someone made
a joke on a Facebook group everyone
at the table is in.

The R/Evolution will not be televised:
The R/Evolution will not be televised.
it will be live.

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