[Arm-netbook] Certification Mark: My hat in the Ring

Christopher Havel laserhawk64 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 04:27:42 BST 2017

Speaking as someone who has consciously opted out of religion, has better
things to do than contemplate faith, and is a self-confessed "kinda strange

That logo is more than a wee bit off kilter. The phrase I would use in
polite company would probably be "remarkably doofy", because that's how I
roll. But, "a bit too weird" works very well also ;) Sorry, but that one
looks very much fated for a one-way ticket to /dev/null. Try, try again!
(Speaking as an artist, which I am -- I throw away *tons* more than I keep.
Oh -- and people tell me I'm pretty dang good. I'm not interested in
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