[Arm-netbook] About, the rk processor.

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Wed Apr 19 00:58:53 BST 2017

On 04/18/2017 05:09 PM, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>>> 4x faster than the fastest processor on that "x200 libreboot device I am
>>> I highly doubt it would be nearly that fast (at least for "general
>>> computing").
>> Intel is on about the same ballpark as the big arm tablet chips but they
>> can't shrink it any further. They got this low simply from node shrinks,
> I think we're talking about different things: the X200 is a laptop from
> a several years ago, so it's unaffected by Intel's current performance:
> the kinds of processors it can take has been frozen for many years
> already (and they're much more power hungry than the RK3288, AFAIK).
>         Stefan "owner of a X201s which runs about 8 times faster than
>                 a Cubietruck when compiling Elisp code.
>                 I would expect the RK3288 to be maybe 4 times faster
>                 than the A20 on this benchmark (twice the number of
>                 cores and twice higher frequency), so to get to Ā«4x
>                 fasterĀ» it would need another factor 8 on this
>                 particular test, which seems highly unlikely"

Hmm, your probably right, I since checked the speed of my processor, and
it is 2.4 per processor and its a dual core.

But, the arm processor is 1.8 per processor and its a quad core. So if I
add it together, probably it would be additional 50% faster.

and considering what you said, extremely lightweight by comparison, I am
not sure how many more time lightweight, but I assume it would be like
ten times at least if not a lot more...

Also it would be good for long term use, where as the libreboot is
probably not gonna last that long.  Everyone who replied to me probably
knows this and more probably already. But good luck reverse engineering
that. :) it will be well worth it if you succeed.

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