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Interesting.  Any chance you can link to some documentation about the network neighbourhood protocol?  Or outline what about it made it so resilient?  Thanks!

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On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 4:46 AM, John Luke Gibson <eaterjolly at gmail.com> wrote:

> abstract concept). So, ultimately, (at the very least) the degree of
> viability of addresses needs to be limited for practical reasons. Some
> might associate the suggestion of limiting this viability to
> possessors of addresses who facilitate the delivery delivery of
> messages to a higher degree than they strain the delivery of messages
> {(especially [or particularly, if you will] with the volume of
> messages-to-be-delivered-added),

i'm familiar with the microsoft network neighbourhood, having
implemented it back in 1996-1998 for samba-tng.  it's well-known as a
"chatty" protocol (which is down to mis-configuration).

so it was pretty much universally hated.... so people dropped it.

then of course as the years go by people FORGET that the network
neighbourhood is one of the most amazingly resilient and strategically
fundamental resources that a network can have.

... so the free software community invented avahi and zeroconf.

and guess what?  it's *just* as chatty, and just as hated.  it's also
totally broken by design, failing to implement key strategic features
that would otherwise make it resilient.

the really fucking irritating thing, for me, is that it's based on an
extension of the DNS protocol.... JUST LIKE THE NETWORK NEIGHBOURHOOD.


anyway.  working out "addresses" - as well as publishing and
defending names - is a known and solved problem, john.


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