[Arm-netbook] crowdsupply updates

joem joem at martindale-electric.co.uk
Fri Oct 7 15:56:48 BST 2016

>  does it come unlocked, support total replacement of the OS down to
> the bedrock, and provide the full source of all firmware for all
> on-board ICs?  i know the answer's no, so I won't be getting one.

Hmmm.. just use the cam function then @*&! :)

>  that and the fact that they were willing to be there during the
> holidays, tells me what i need to know.  they had time for a westerner
> (me), when several of the suppliers were really very rude (clearly
> didn't want any business).

Avoid conclusions - they may not know English and
instructed / can't deal with you. Or they been burned by previous
westerners and too tired / bored with it all.
The way to break ice is to buy 100 pieces of something you
like to ship back to hope you can find a use for it.
Having a CN friend there to chat works better - proper
respectful introductions are important. They can be senior
staff and paying a fortune to be in that building in relative terms
and representing a factory of several hundred to thousands of people.

>  now, if i was looking to source 100,000 components it would be a
> different matter: i'd go haggling on price.  but honestly it's worth
> paying a small percentage more just to be able to go to the one single
> supplier.

QA everything - hire a QA guy if you can.
Avoid blaming the supplier for anything that goes wrong - just say thank
you, and say what changes your want to make it better. They will try
their utmost to get it right.

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